Major Local Planning Applications

Land to the East of Wesley College - Revised Application
The Developer for the Land to the East of Wesley College has submitted a revised application (15/05503/F) for the construction of four new residential dwellings (with associated access and landscaping). This follows a previous Planning Application (13/02361/F) in mid-2013 for 11 houses that was refused. A subsequent Appeal against the Refusal was dismissed in August 2014.
UPDATE! (24 August 2016) A Report from the Planning Officer was presented to the Development Control Committee Meeting on 23 August with a recommendation to "Refuse" and this was endorsed by the Committee. Will there be an Appeal........?
UPDATE! (29 November 2016) As expected, night has followed day and the Society has been advised that the Developer has lodged an Appeal.
UPDATE! (30 January 2017) The Developer initiated an Appeal on 25 January 2017: APP/Z0116/W/16/3164042 The final date for receipt of comments from "interested parties" is 1 March 2017.
UPDATE! (4 May 2017) The Appeal against the Refusal was dismissed by the Planning Inspector on 3 May 2017.

Redevelopment at 48 Stoke Lane
Planning Application (17/01088/F) has been submitted for the demolition of the existing bungalow and erection of four replacement dormer bungalows. In the Society's view, this is a gross over-development of this small site. In short, the application proposes the demolition of an existing 1930's bungalow - with a garage and additional off-street parking provision - to be replaced by four semi-detached bungalows with no off-street parking provision whatsoever!
The Developer's expectation is that any cars owned by the occupants of the four new 3-bedroomed properties will find ample space to park - on-street - in Stoke Lane!! Closing Date for the receipt of comments is 5 April.
UPDATE! (25 April 2017) On 25 April 2017, Planning Permission was Refused, as it would "represent an incongruous and over intensive form of development out of character with surrounding development to the detriment of the character and appearance of the streetscene and local area." However, the Applicant has 6 months in which to lodge an Appeal against the decision.

334 Canford Lane - Erection of Additional New 5-Bedroom Dwelling
Planning Application (17/01132/F) seeks to build a new 5-bedroom house in the grounds of 334 Canford Lane. This includes the demolition of the existing garage and part of the existing house. No replacement garage is proposed for No 334, neither is any garage proposed for the new dwelling. However, the proposals include the provision for 3 parking spaces for each dwelling. Closing Date for the receipt of comments is 12 April.
UPDATE! (20 April 2017) On 19 April the Application was Withdrawn.

New 5-Bedroom Dwelling at Rear of 18&19 Falcondale Walk
Planning Application (17/01426/F) seeks to build a new 5-bedroom house in the rear gardens of 18 and 19 Falcondale Walk, with access from Eastover Close. Closing Date for receipt of comments is 19 April.

Expansion of Facilities at Red Maids' School
Many residents will be aware that Redland High and Red Maids' are to combine their schools on to the Westbury (Red Maids') site during 2017. Last year local residents were advised by Redland High that over 400 pupils will move up to the main site in Westbury next September. This will mean that the total number of pupils at the Red Maids' site will be well in excess of 1000.
In advance of the move, Red Maids' school have submitted a Planning Application (16/06846/F) - "Erection of modular classroom building to provide music and art space, shared between Senior and Junior School, together with external works to provide footpath links". This modular classroom is currently located on the Redland High site.
The Society has submitted an Objection to the Application on the grounds that the attendant increase in traffic congestion arising from the enlarged pupil numbers has, to date, not been addressed by Red Maids' School.
UPDATE! (5 April 2017) The Application has been Refused. However, the Applicant has 6 months in which to lodge an Appeal against the decision.

62 Falcondale Road Erection of 2 New Dwellings
Planning Application (16/01540/F) has been submitted for the construction of two new 4-bedroomed houses, with double garages, in the garden to the rear of 62 Falcondale Road - with access on to Falcondale Road.
The existing dwelling at 62 Falcondale Road will be retained, although its original garage has already been demolished as part of the proposed new access drive to the rear of the property.
UPDATE! (18 May 2016) The Application has been Refused. However, the Applicant has 6 months in which to lodge an Appeal against the decision.
UPDATE! (28 December 2016) A new Application (16/06917/F) has been submitted for only one dwelling (a dormer bungalow). Statutory Expiry Date for comments is 15 February 2017.
UPDATE! The expiry date for comments was extended to 28 March 2017 and then again to 6 April and then again to 12 April, at the request of the applicant, following submission of revised tree planting proposals.
UPDATE! (11 April 2017) Planning Permission was Granted on 11 April 2017, subject to conditions.

Redevelopment of 12 Southover Close
A Planning Application (16/05502/F) has recently been submitted to BCC (and Validated on 20 October) for the demolition of the existing dwelling at 12 Southover Close and the subsequent construction of two pairs of semi-detached houses. The Application is part-retrospective, as some site clearance and levelling works, including the construction of a retaining wall, has already been completed and this work in itself requires planning permission.
Some may regard this Application as over-development and yet another "garden-grabbing" exercise in our leafy suburbs. Conversely, others may consider that it provides much-needed local housing.
Some photos of the part-cleared site are included in Section 2 of the "Design and Access Statement", submitted in the suite of planning documents to support the Application.
The Society has yet to form an opinion on this application - one way or the other.
UPDATE! (15 December 2016)
The Application has been Refused. Full details for the refusal are given in the Planning Officer's Report, which is included in the "Documents" section of the Application
UPDATE! (18 March 2017) On 15 March, the Applicant submitted an Appeal against the Refusal. The "Appeal Statement of Case", a weighty tome of 63 pages submitted by Pegasus Group, is included in the "Documents" section of the original Application. Final comments from "interested parties" have to be received by the Planning Inspector before 19 April - see APP/Z0116/W/17/3169028

68 Westbury Hill: Change of Use to Hot Food Takeaway (Domino's Pizza)
A Planning Application (15/04143/F) has been submitted by Pegasus Group, on behalf of Domino's Pizza, for a change of use from a Retail Unit to a Hot Food Takeaway in the premises formally occupied by Johnsons Dry Cleaners.
The changes would include the installation of extraction/ventilation equipment and external alterations to the shop front. The site is within the Westbury Conservation Area. White zigzag lines are located directly in front of the premises, associated with the Zebra Crossing adjacent to the site.
UPDATE! (25 November 2015) The Planning Application for the change of use has been Refused. However, the Applicant has 6 months in which to lodge an Appeal against the decision.
UPDATE! (23 March 2016) As sure as night follows day, the Applicant has lodged an Appeal. No surprises there then!
UPDATE! (30 June 2016) In his Appeal Decision, dated 24 June 2016, the Planning Inspector Allowed the Appeal and, consequently, the original Planning Application is Granted.
UPDATE! (20 March 2017)
Currently there is an unsubstantiated "urban myth" that Domino's are having second thoughts about occupying the premises.

Archived Applications of Local Interest

Depending on your point of view! 

Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
In advance of a formal Planning Application, the University of Bristol are currently consulting informally on proposals to improve their playing pitches at Coombe Dingle. The proposals also include minor refurbishment to the main pavilion and relocating the existing mobile communications aerials. Subject to a Planning Application being submitted and granted, work could start as soon as May, ready for completion in late September this year.
UPDATE! (5 February 2016) A Planning Application has now been submitted: 16/00537/F with a Statutory Expiry date for submissions of 3 May 2016.
UPDATE! (6 May 2016). The Application was considered by the Development Control Committee on 27 April 2016, with a Recommendation to Grant, subject to conditions. The "Grant" recommendation was subsequently upheld by the Committee and formally posted on the Council's Planning website on 6 May (16/00537/F).

Southfield Road - Redevelopment of Tennis Court Site
In May 2015, an Outline Planning Application (15/00867/P) was granted for the erection of a single dwelling on the land which currently has a tennis court and swimming pool in the grounds of 156 Westbury Road. Access would be from Southfield Road.
UPDATE! (8 April 2016) An Application for the approval of "Reserved Matters" associated with granting has now been submitted (16/01257/M) with detailed proposals for a single dwelling on the site. Have a look at the "Design and Access Statement" listed under the Planning Application documents - the proposals may well be a great surprise, or major disappointment.
UPDATE! (12 June 2016) Planning Permission was Granted on 27 May 2016, subject to conditions.

69 High Street
In mid July 2014, an "interesting" Planning Application was submitted for redeveloping the land at the
rear of 69 High Street in Westbury. Full details can be accessed from the Planning Application (14/03519/F) link. WotSoc submitted a formal objection to the Application, principally on the grounds of over-intensive development with a complete lack of off-street parking provision. However, Planning Permission was subsequently Granted on 10 February 2015.
Since then the site has been sold on to a new Developer who submitted a totally revised Planning Application (15/04312/F) which included proposals for a terrace of four 2-bedroomed houses, in lieu of the flats.
(11 March 2016) The Application for the terrace of four houses (at the rear of the site) has been Granted, subject to conditions. A further submission will be required for the commercial unit, fronting the High Street.
UPDATE! (30 April 2016) A Planning Application (16/02200/F) has now been submitted for a new shop front, with rear kitchen extension and separate access to the first floor flat.
UPDATE! (12 June 2016) Full Planning was Granted on 10 June 2016.

Verge opposite No 29 Canford Lane
One of the Society's fundamental aims and objectives is to try to ensure that Westbury has quality of design in any new buildings or adaptations of public sites. Therefore, the Society's Committee are aghast at the current proposal to erect two very small apartments in Canford Lane, on what amounts to the verge of the original Lane (Planning Application 15/03794/F).
This is a just a greedy and squalid little plan - designed solely to make money for the developer, rather than to provide any quality housing, or distinctive architecture, for future generations. The area to be used would involve the lifting of TPOs on existing trees, their subsequent removal, and the destruction of a valued part of the local landscape. The developer's proposal for their replacement with new street trees, under current planning regulations, would involve numerous build-outs into the highway and removal of valuable parking spaces - all to the detriment of a parking area that is absolutely vital to local shoppers and businesses.
This architectural vandalism in one of Westbury's most familiar streetscapes is abhorrent to us all and we shall be opposing both removal of the trees and any subsequent building on this tiny site.
UPDATE! (23 October 2015) An Appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against the City Council as they had failed to determine the original Application within the appropriate time period. Submissions can be made to the Inspector until 26 November.
UPDATE! (23 February 2016) The Appeal has been Dismissed and Planning Permission Refused, see Appeal Decision

1 Eastfield Road - Change of Use
A Planning Application (15/04327/F) has been submitted by Microcosm for a change of use from an office to 2 town houses at 1 Eastfield Road. The proposals include extending the building and using the roof area to create an additional floor.
However, the overall massing of the proposed extension and the palate of materials proposed for the walls and new roof appear at odds with the surrounding buildings in this part of the Westbury Conservation Area. In short, the appearance of the proposed works is completely out of keeping with the surrounding area and will dominate the approach to the village. Please refer to the computer-generated illustrations depicted in the Design and Access Statement accompanying the Planning Application.
UPDATE! (7 December 2015) The Application has been Withdrawn. So, watch this space for details on any subsequent Application.

57 -59 High Street
A Planning application (16/00340/F) has been submitted for the demolition of outbuildings and clearance of land behind 57-59 High Street and the subsequent erection of two new 3-bedroom detached dwellings, with off-street parking. Although within the Westbury Conservation Area, the Society currently has no strong views, either way, as to the merit of these proposals.
UPDATE! (19 July 2016) The Application was Granted on 18 July 2016, with conditions.
UPDATE! (1 December 2016) A subsequent Application (16/06563/F) has since been submitted which seeks the erection of a third detached dwelling, replacing the existing informal parking area at the rear.
UPDATE! (6 February 2017) The subsequent Application was Granted on 3 February 2017, with conditions.

Southmead Police Station Redevelopment
A Planning Application (15/06605/F) has been submitted to redevelop the existing Southmead Police Station into a care home with 66 bedrooms, plus associated landscaping and car parking.
Whilst the Society has no objections in principle to the proposed redevelopment, it is unfortunate that the Application proposes the removal of a high quality specimen tree, namely a Wellingtonia (T22) which is protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order).
Additionally, the tree is classified as Category A - a tree of high quality, capable of making a significant contribution to the area for 40 or more years. It is perhaps ironic that this fact is recognised in the arboricultural report (commissioned by the developer) and removal of the tree is proposed without any real argument or justification. In short, the only justification appears to be that this particular specimen tree is simply in the way of the development.
The Society, and others, believe that the tree could be retained within the development, with only a few minor changes to the layout currently proposed.
UPDATE! (7 April 2016) The Application was considered at the Meeting of the Development Control Committee on 6 April 2016, with a recommendation from the Planning Officer to "Grant Subject to Conditions". However, the Committee decided otherwise and the Application was Refused on the basis that the loss of the Wellingtonia (T22) subject to a TPO, was not essential to the redevelopment of the site. Full details for the Refusal are available via the documents listed under 15/06605/F
UPDATE! (1 September 2016) The Developer initiated an Appeal on 26 August 2016: APP/Z0116/W/16/3151831
(30 December 2016) In his Appeal Decision, dated 28 December 2016, the Planning Inspector Allowed the Appeal and, consequently, the original Planning Application is Granted.



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