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Bristol City Council - Independent Review of Budget Deficit

The council faces some major pressures on its finances and during 2016/17 needed to make extra savings of around £30m to compensate for not making the savings it had previously planned.

Following his election in May 2016, Mayor Marvin Rees commissioned an independent report to understand how the council has arrived at this position and to make recommendations of moving forward.

This report, written by former Chief Executive of the Audit Commission Steve Bundred, was published on Thursday 9 February 2017 and a copy of the Executive Summary can be seen here.

The report highlights that there has been a collective failure of leadership in achieving past savings and in how the council managed the process. It notes that many improvements have been made in the past six months and that "people can be confident" in the council's proposed budget plans for 2017/18, but highlights a number of serious issues.


Westbury Heritage Trail Leaflet

The local Neighbourhood Partnership was successful recently in securing funding to research, design and print a leaflet which details a Heritage Walk around Westbury that was sponsored by the Westbury Business Association (WOTBA).
A pdf copy of the leaflet can be downloaded via this link: WoT Heritage Trail (for the technically-minded, the leaflet itself is double-side printed on A3 and folded to 'DL').
Hard copies of the leaflet are available (free of charge) from both Westbury and Henleaze libraries, Stoke Bishop Village Hall and other shops and businesses in the local area.

 "Old Westbury" Photographs

 The Society has recently received a set of digitised photographs depicting "old" Westbury in the 1930s and also Westbury "personalities" from the 1920s and 1970s. The details accompanying all the pictures are somewhat limited but have been included in the captions to the pictures.

Can anyone substantiate the dates, or add any background information about the scenes/people depicted in the pictures? If so, please contact the Society via the "Contact Form" link above.

Chock Lane Sewer Upgrade

A lot of local interest has been expressed about the Control Kiosks that Wessex Water is installing at six locations in the Westbury area, together with the associated below-ground work, during the course of 2014/15.

The locations are, Chock Lane/Trym Road, Westbury Road (opposite "Majestic Wine"), Newcombe Road, Abbey Road,  Back Stoke Lane and Canford Lane/Canford Road.

The work at Chock Lane has recently been completed and a brief overview of the work involved, including some pictures that illustrate the work undertaken, can be seen here


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