Westbury in Bloom in its 10th Year

Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible in the community to help Westbury be an attractive and welcoming place for all those who live, work and visit here.

Hazel, Arthur and Sue receiving
Bristol in Bloom's
'Best Shopping Area Award'

Bristol in Bloom 2013

Westbury on Trym

Gold Medal winner


'Best Shopping Area'

for the 10th year running!

Thank You

A very big Thank You to all who contributed to the flowers in Westbury on 2013 and helped us win again this year.

Sponsorship and other donations from many individuals and businesses in Westbury, and your generosity has enabled us to have the full complement of hanging baskets from the lamp posts and all the tubs and troughs throughout the village.

This level of response not only shows how much you enjoy the flowers and how much you care about the environment you live in but it really makes all the hard work by the Westbury in Bloom Team worth it.

Thanks too to all the volunteers who have worked so hard in helping to clear the weeds, litter, graffiti and plant bulbs and flowers and also to all those who have delivered the gift aid envelopes throughout the village.




Britain in Bloom 2013 - 'Edible Britain'

The RHS launched Britain in Bloom with a theme of 'Edible Britain'.  Westbury in Bloom responded to this with two edible projects - "a garden and a bus stop".

South West in Bloom awards in Truro Cathedral

South West in Bloom 2013

Westbury on Trym

RHS Neighbourhood Award -
Outstanding Level

and for our

High Street 'Village to City'

a Silver Gilt Award

and a special discretionary award for our contribution to Edible Britain - our Bus Stop

Edible Britain - Bus Stop

Careful planting went into this and a wide variety of vegetables and edible flowers (pot grown by Arthur, Chris and Hazel) were planted.

After the June planting everyone watched it all mature with interest, and appreciated the element of fun that the display created.  It was lovely to see people's smiles as they walked past and to hear their comments.

Many local people were involved in the maintenance and the shopkeepers nearby helped with the watering.  Very well done everyone and especially the Committee - Arthur, Chris, Hazel and Sue.

Suddenly seeing vegetables at a bus stop surprised everyone who walked by the next morning!
The Bus Stop in the High Street before planting

Planting in June 2013

Edible Britain - a Garden

One of the aims of WIB is to encourage children to enjoy the magic of gardening. 

The WIB Committee initially planned this edible garden and liaised with the local WOT C of E Academy through their parent volunteer gardeners, Emma Henderson and Nicola Neville and the Headmistress, Cathy Milton. 


It was agreed that the children in the Gardening Group at the school would:

  • undertake a plan of the garden
  • germinate the seeds
  • grow the plants
  • make some plant labels
  • help to plant the vegetable and flowers in the bed within the local shopping area in Westbury. 

We also wanted the whole school to be involved in some way in growing something

The day of planting eventually arrived and proved to be a very exciting time. 

There was a real buzz and a hive of activity as the children, supported by Emma, Nicola and WIB, planted the edible vegetables and flowers, inserted their labels and the sign they had made. 

Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon and all the children went away with a vegetable plant to take home.



Growing our hanging baskets at Blaise Nurseries


Where are the Flowers Grown?

Many people in Westbury are now aware of the great efforts made by WIB and the village community to enhance Westbury Village and Stoke Lane - and know that it is not 'just provided by the council'!

We are very grateful to Rob Pooley and his team at Blaise Nursery for growing the flowers for the planters and hanging baskets and their great support.

This support all helps towards making a lovely display of flowers throughout the year in Westbury.

Get Involved

If you would like to help with Westbury in Bloom in any way please contact Jane Plummer using the Contact Form above or call on 0117 9406901

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